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Ky Amish farmer Samuel Girod vs. FDA Sam is looking at 68 years in prison over charges stemming from a labeling infraction on an all-natural salve his family has made and sold for 20 years. No victims, no complaints. Complete story here.

Taxes Suck — 2017 Edition

If I was merely wasting the money I pay in taxes, I could live with the progressive tax rate where they take a lot more when I make a little more, as long as the profit curve never turns negative. They’re careful to maintain an asymptotic curve where eventually, they take everything above a standard of living that most Americans would classify as upper middle class. To become wealthy, one must cheat, either by lying on tax forms, or becoming part of the crony government corruption, neither of . . . → Read More

UPDATED: Sam Girod v FDA

First, please sign and share the petition here: Click here for more details and links to all court documents and the indictment. Donate to Sam’s legal fees here. Feel free to copy and repost on your blog, social media, or print and handout, use as a cover letter for a printed petition (click here to download petition). Since the Amish don’t use the internet, many of them don’t even know about Sam’s situation! Please share . . . → Read More

The Trial: FDA v Samuel Girod Day 3 (Final)

Please sign the petition here. We need 50,000 sigs to get anyone’s attenion! The complete story is here. The final day of Sam Girod’s trial consisted of Sam calling one witness, himself, the prosecutor’s closing arguments, Sam’s closing arguments, jury instructions, jury deliberation, and the reading of the verdict. SAM’S DEFENSE We’ve been waiting the entire trial for Sam to defend himself. Because Sam represented himself, it would look silly for him to ask himself questions, so Sam wrote the questions for himself in advance, the . . . → Read More

The Trial: FDA v Samuel Girod Day 2

Editor’s Note: My friend was there again yesterday and here’s his report. General Comments for Tuesday, February 28th, 2017: All of the federal witnesses are either federal employees (FDA or US Marshal) or they’re subpoenaed witnesses who clearly do not want to be there and they’re obviously sympathetic to Sam. In a few cases, the strain of being compelled to testify against Sam was almost more than they could take. A few of these witnesses were mad as wet hens and were outwardly antagonistic to the FDA and the . . . → Read More

This is the story of the FDA’s persecution of Samuel Girod.

Updated, video removed. Let’s be clear about a couple of pertinent facts: 1. The FDA made up arbitrary rules, then accused Sam of breaking those rules. 2. There are no victims. Samuel Girod has hurt no one. 3. FDA-approved pharmaceutical drugs kill 1 person every 19 minutes. Merck’s FDA-approved Vioxx killed over 68,000 people. Nobody in Big Pharma goes to jail. They pay out billions in fines (after making billions in profits.) No companies close, nobody goes to jail. Nobody. Even after killing and harming 100s of thousands of . . . → Read More

The Trial: FDA v Samuel Girod Day 1

Editor’s note: This was written by a close personal mine who was at the trial yesterday. Links to complete story here. Of all of the bullshit federal cases, this ranks among the bullshittiest. The first couple of hours on Monday were jury selection. There seemed to be 50-80 potential jurors. They filed into the court, and back out, and back in, and back out, and back in, and back out, and back in. They finally seated a jury, 12 jurors and two alternates, eight women and six . . . → Read More

What You Can Do to FREE KY Amish farmer Samuel Girod

Entire story here. Most important, sign and share this petition: The Backstory The FDA is trying to put KY Amish farmer Sam Girod in jail for 58 YEARS for charges stemming from a labeling infraction on an herbal salve he’s made for almost 20 years. Entire story here. What You Can Do 1. Please sign this petition: 2. Support Sheriff Richard Mack’s efforts to secure a presidential pardon. 3. Email President Trump: 4. Request . . . → Read More

KY Amish Farmer Jailed over a Salve Label; the FDA Wants Him Jailed for Life

I know it sounds like I made up a terribly inflammatory headline… but it’s not JUST inflammatory. It’s true, the Girod indictment is below. This is the Girod indictment. Click here for Sam Girod’s complete story on video with transcript and links. Amish farmer Sam Girod of Bath County KY makes 3 products: a chickweed salve, a bloodroot salve and an essential oil blend called Sine Eze. The photo of the 3 products was just taken on my iPad on my desk. You can find similar . . . → Read More